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Learning how to play piano can seem like an huge, if not impossible challenge when you first begin. That’s where we come in. From your very first note, we will guide you along and cheer you on as you reach your musical goals. See why thousands of teachers, hundreds of colleges, and millions of solo learners use Piano Marvel. Save 20% on your Premium account when you sign up today.

You can start learning on almost any device!

Do you want to read music?

One of the biggest challenges when learning to read music is having enough new material at the right difficulty for you to read through. The music has to be challenging but not so hard that you want to quit. That’s why we invented the SASR. This tool within Piano Marvel uses our state-of-the-art algorithm to measure your ability (even if you just started) and put new music and the right level in front of you. You will also receive a custom report to watch your sight-reading skills grow! 

Do you struggle to get stay motivated?

Keeping motivated is one of the greatest challenges all musicians face. And what better way to address this challenge than with a challenge! Piano Marvel hosts monthly challenges to encourage you to hone in on various subtopics and genres. Compete with other pianists at your skill level for prizes. Even if you don’t first place, we’ve found it is very satisfying to see your name slowly climb the ranks on the leaderboard.

How do I know if I am making mistakes?

Playing the right notes and rhythms is no easy feat for any musician. However, it can be frustrating to practice the same mistakes over and over and not realize it. Piano Marvel’s scoring and assessment features allows you to focus on musicality while Piano Marvel gives you clear instructions on rhythm and pitch.

How do I learn my favorite songs?

Our library has over 29,000+ songs with guided step by step “learning paths” to take you from zero to hero as fast as possible. If you don’t see you favorite song, upload your own songs and share them with your friends. 

Does your progress learning to play the piano feel slow?

Many pianists run into road blocks early on and feel like their progression has come to a crawl. Don’t worry, that’s completely normal. With our advanced progress reports you will know if it’s time for some fun repertoire or if it’s time to hit the scales. 

Should I find a teacher?

We highly recommend that, especially beginners, use Piano Marvel with a teacher. Luckily, we provide a find-a-teacher page where you can find a Piano Marvel Certified Teacher that fits your needs and your budget. Online or in person!


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Improve your start to piano with faster results and fun lessons. Piano Marvel provides you with the tools you need to excel in your piano journey. You can go at your own pace while still being held accountable for the work you complete. Piano Marvel let’s highly individualized learning happen naturally.

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Piano Marvel is an incredible resource for improving sight reading, but it is so much more than that. It challenges students in a motivating and interactive environment by assessing your current level and helping you set achievable and realistic goals. Beyond that, regular contests hosted by Piano Marvel give students a chance to compete no matter what level they are at in their studies. Many of my private students have greatly benefited from using this affordable software.

Dr. Joshua Wright, University of Utah piano faculty, Founder of ProPractice Piano Academy and Josh Wright Piano TV

Piano Marvel has been the perfect recital tool to help my students learn, practice, and perfect their performance pieces. I also use it regularly to upload my own arrangements and students love it! I know for certain without Piano Marvel’s unique features that this level of success (and fun!) would not be possible.
Nina Martinez, Piano & Music Theory Instructor

Piano Marvel has been a godsend for my group piano classes at BYU. My students love being able to track their own progress and receive instant feedback on their work. It’s also freed up tremendous amounts of time I would otherwise spend grading, allowing me to focus on the musical aspects of my students’ education.
Dr. Jared Pierce, Coordinator of Group Piano Studies, BYU

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