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About Piano Marvel

With Piano Marvel, you can effortlessly guide your child through the joy of learning piano. Our comprehensive and fun curriculum ensures you no longer have to worry about the quality of your music instruction. Enjoy the journey of learning music together!

Free Trial

Start your free trial to learn Moonlight Sonata and other popular piano pieces including new releases, classics, Piano Marvel Originals, and more. Learn piano faster with Piano Marvel.


The Standard Assessment of Sight Reading is the biggest innovation in sight reading practice and assessment ever! Take the SASR test to discover your piano sight-reading score.

Method & Technique

The Piano Marvel Method is a comprehensive curriculum. There are 6 levels in the Method trophy case with 20 exercises in each sublevel, which adds up to 100 exercises per level.

Custom Learning Tailored For Every Student

 Discover how to play your favorite songs by searching for them in our extensive Music Library or systematically work through the lessons in the Method and Technique. Regularly take a Sight-Reading test to see how you measure against other sight-readers and improve your sight-reading. Choose Learn Mode to be guided as you learn a song in small sections until you work your way up to playing the whole piece.

Teaching piano at home can be challenging without hiring a teacher

Learn to practice

Piano Marvel’s “Learn Mode” guides you step-by-step through practicing like a professional pianist. It ensures you learn to play songs effectively, helping you avoid picking up bad habits.

Learn to play

Discover the joy of playing and reading music with Piano Marvel. Our vision is to create a world where everyone is musically literate. Learning to read music allows you to play any song instantly. 

Practice Tools


Tap into your competitive side with our fun and exciting monthly challenges. Challenge your friends or classmates and compete for prizes every month.

Scale Ninja

Learning scales just got easier and a lot more fun. Play through all of the piano scales and see where you rank in the world of crazy-fast fingers.

Boot Camps

Boot Camps are an immersion course for learning to read music, much like you would immerse yourself in a foreign country to learn a language. 


Piano Marvel is an incredible resource for improving sight reading, but it is so much more than that. It challenges students in a motivating and interactive environment by assessing your current level and helping you set achievable and realistic goals. Beyond that, regular contests hosted by Piano Marvel give students a chance to compete no matter what level they are at in their studies. Many of my private students have greatly benefited from using this affordable software.

Dr. Joshua Wright

University of Utah piano faculty, Founder of ProPractice Piano Academy and Josh Wright Piano TV


Piano Marvel has been the perfect recital tool to help my students learn, practice, and perfect their performance pieces. I also use it regularly to upload my own arrangements and students love it! I know for certain without Piano Marvel’s unique features that this level of success (and fun!) would not be possible.

Nina Martinez

Piano & Music Theory Instructor


Piano Marvel has been a godsend for my group piano classes at BYU. My students love being able to track their own progress and receive instant feedback on their work. It’s also freed up tremendous amounts of time I would otherwise spend grading, allowing me to focus on the musical aspects of my students’ education.

Dr. Jared Pierce

Coordinator of Group Piano Studies, BYU


Does Piano Marvel work on any device?

Piano Marvel is available on Mac, PC, and Chromebook. It also available on the Apple App Store for any iOS device.

Is Piano Marvel affordable?

A Piano Marvel Premium account costs $129.99 a year for an annual account ($10.83/month) or $59.99 a semester. You can also purchase the monthly option if you do not want to commit to an entire year. Save 10% on all Piano Marvel subscriptions with the promo code: PIONEER

How do I connect my keyboard to Piano Marvel?

To take advantage of all of Piano Marvel’s features, we recommend practicing on a MIDI enabled piano. If you are using an acoustic piano, you can use Piano Marvel in “Self Assess”. 

What does Piano Marvel measure?

Piano Marvel measures the timing and pitch of the notes you play to provide feedback. Our in-app video lessons are designed to guide you in playing musically.

Are there specific songs I have to learn or can I learn anything I want ?

The Piano Marvel Method and Technique is ideal for beginners. Additionally, the Piano Marvel Library offers over 29,000 songs. Can’t find the song you want to learn? No problem, simply upload your favorite song and start practicing.

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