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Piano Marvel Premium 12 Month (50 students)

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Learn piano on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or iOS

Learn piano on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and iOS devices!


Piano Marvel Premium 12 Month (50 students)

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Piano Marvel is an incredible resource for improving sight reading, but it is so much more than that. It challenges students in a motivating and interactive environment by assessing your current level and helping you set achievable and realistic goals. Beyond that, regular contests hosted by Piano Marvel give students a chance to compete no matter what level they are at in their studies. Many of my private students have greatly benefited from using this affordable software.

Dr. Joshua Wright

Founder of ProPractice Piano Academy

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Piano Marvel Premium 12 Month (50 students)


25 reviews for Piano Marvel Premium 12 Month (1 account)

  1. Sharon McDonald

    My favorite part is a parent, and a piano player, is the importance of timing, and the accuracy that you get from this program.

    Support is amazing, and we highly recommend!

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    This has made my practice sessions go so much better! Worth every penny. 🙂

  3. Giuseppe

    E’ possibile acquistare due annualità invece di due account

  4. Giancarlo (verified owner)

    I used to sign-up into a different piano’s method every year. But this year I’ve just renewed my Piano Marvel subscription for the second time because I find the method very beneficial. I mean, I love the way the sheet music are displayed (and how you can configure it), I love the upload beta feature, I love the whole thing because it’s quite stable with my digital piano and my Edge Web browser. The customer support team is very competent and they really care. This 1 year gift card is very convenient and it extends your actual premium account duration with no hassle at all.

  5. suzette

    I love this, the best way to learn to play piano!

  6. Kacia

    This solves the practice problem. It’s very difficult to learn piano from books alone. Piano Marvel fills in the gaps, shows you where you make mistakes, and guides you to faster learning. Bravo!

  7. Seth. R

    Learning piano went from boring to cool. My cousin even got into it and he’s usually all about video games.

  8. Sabri

    I really really love this. Just wish it had a microphone listen mode. I heard this is coming soon. Please hurry!

  9. TuneInTim

    Piano Marvel? A game-changer! My kid’s piano skills skyrocketed, and now they’re playing music all the time. Proud parent moment!

  10. Harlow22

    Piano Marvel’s my jam! Learning felt like a breeze. I went from simple songs to ‘Imagine’ in no time. Kudos to the Piano Marvel team!

  11. Klaus Pacher

    I have tested practically all apps for self-study piano playing. I’ve been using Piano Marvel for 9 weeks now and it’s the only app that really teaches you how to play the piano. In these 9 weeks I have completed level 1 with 200 exercises (method and technique) and level 2 with 200 exercises (method and technique) and half of level 3. My progress is tremendous! In 6-8 weeks I will have 100% completed level 3 in method and technique. This is my personal opinion – I am 62 years old and I have NEVER played the piano before.

  12. Marina and Alain

    On behalf of our son and us, his parents, we would like to say thank you very much for your amazing Piano Marvel! He enjoys learning to play the piano through this program. Thanks for all the Challenges that motivate and make playing the piano more fun! And a special thank you for the rewards you provide. It motivates as well and also rewards the efforts.

  13. Sidney

    I have been playing for years, mostly by ear, but able to roughly work through sheet music. I have been wanting to learn to sight read forever and after much research on the different options available, I chose to go with Piano Marvel. All I can say is wow! Learning to sight read has never been so easy. You and your team have done a really nice job with it.

  14. Mage, NCTM

    This is a terrific prize that I give out to my students when they practice a lot! Studio awards for the win! 🏆 And we ❤️ Piano Marvel. 🎹 ~Mage Music

  15. John Smith

    Just wanted to say that I really like the app and think you guys have done a great job!

  16. Collette Powell Clement

    I was playing one of the many pieces, today on my keyboard. And I was suddenly aware of the absolutely beautiful accompaniment that was playing, along with me, in my headphones. It was so inspiring! To think about all the songs I’ve played and then realize all the hours that went into creating that accompaniment was incredible to ponder. So, when I considered all the brain power, piano power, additional musical instrument power, technology power, and MEN and WOMEN POWER for HOURS….that goes into making Piano Marvel what it is…… I was blown away. So, I just have to say WOW!!! That’s all SHE could say was WOW!

  17. David Das

    I am thrilled with the content and all the helpful tips and charts. This has exceeded all my expectations! Aaron Garner has designed the best comprehensive online Piano Teaching Course in the world that is easy and fun to follow and learn. A lot of thought went behind these expertly crafted step-by-step lessons that prepare an absolute beginner from learning to sight read to mastering the Piano. Piano Marvel is the Gold Standard of Piano Teaching Courses available today.

  18. Donna

    I bought this annual subscription to Piano Marvel for my daughter last year for Christmas, and she absolutely loved it. In fact, she wants the same gift this year. I think that says it all…

  19. Paul DiMaggio

    One of the features in piano marvel I find extremely useful is the ability to upload my music. I custom-write exercises in the music notation software Finale. I upload and design minced exercises to practice by repetition. This feature enables me to customize and target specific areas where I require extra work. I use this in addition to the method.

  20. Patrick Carey

    This was exactly what I was looking for! I’m through Level 1 and about to begin Level 2. I have greatly enjoyed the progress so far and look forward to the journey. You have a great product. I appreciate the customer support and the community involvement you provide with your competitions and challenges. I wish you nothing but continued success and growth, and I look forward to seeing (hearing) where you take Piano Marvel in the future.

  21. Cheryl Holder

    Piano Marvel is an important part of my life, and my joy and passion are refueled each time I sign into my account. You have blessed me with your wonderful web-based program, and I want you to know that what you do is important and is making a difference in my life, as well as others. Thank You So Very Much!

  22. Lawrence Pauls

    I’m new to teaching with Piano Marvel. Last night I helped a student over a hump of how to count in 6/8. We wouldn’t have faced this for several more months or maybe a year if we kept on doing the method books we were using. It took some hard work, but I think we got it solved in about 10 minutes of my demostrating, asking him to count out loud, then counting out loud while playing the notes, and going back and forth between prepare mode and play mode. During the procedure all parties involved were having fun. The trouble with progress is that you want to keep it going. (Okay that’s not trouble, forget I said that). Now I’m thinking he needs a cool song that is in 6/8 time that he can learn in a day or 2.

  23. Amelia Walden

    Wow, this is incredible!!! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service! Your app is well worth the money for all I’m learning and especially the help I get when I email or call customer support!

  24. Grenville Morris

    I have been playing piano using SimplyPiano for two and a half years and have just about reached the end of the course. I have come to the conclusion that learning a song is not the same as learning to play piano. I have really enjoyed playing piano and usually spend about 2 or 3 hours a day at the keyboard. I will be 70 next week, and while I know I will never be a very good piano player, I like to think that one day I will be able to play a tune. I have just opened a free account with you and am working my way through the low levels and am realising how little I know. It is a level of knowledge to realize how much you don’t know, isn’t it? I like the way you use a sheet music style rather than the scrolling method used by Simply Piano. Perhaps I am just old-fashioned, and the SASR really opened my eyes to how bad my sight reading is. Hope you can give me some insights into your program.

  25. Chinedu Oguejiofor

    I want to say a big THANK YOU to the Piano Marvel team. I really love Scale Ninja. I have been practicing with it and it’s really fun!

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